Corporate Values


Employee Development and learnings

The existing employees and new recruits are given continuous support and undergo various levels of training programs, arranging farm visits and attending exhibitions and trade fairs, supply chain training, leadership development programs to enhance their knowledge and acquire new skills. In the modern working environment, the Sky Agri Export conducts employee development sincerely, which leads to high employee retention. We also offer the features of the probation period so that any new recruit could learn all the aspects of our day to day corporate affairs/activities without any issues. Also, investments in employee development, and learning have a direct impact in terms of productivity, employee engagement that ultimately leads to improvement in overall success metrics of our business.

Working Environment and teamwork

The Sky Agri Export provides a highly positive and dynamic working environment for all its employees. All the aspects of the work environment, viz., physical environment (having a comfortable indoor office space and outdoor facilities with recreation activities), company culture (proper relation and effective communication between different levels of staff and leaders) and working conditions (terms and conditions, contract of employment, rate of pay and working duration) are taken care properly. All individual employees carry his/her duties in a coordinated manner as a whole team, which ultimately contributes towards the betterment of the organization as a whole. Different departments of the organization coordinate with each other to give timely and hassle-free delivery of products to the clients.

Work ethics and fair business practice

The company follows a business or corporate ethics, based on three major disciplines, i.e., personal (on a micro-scale), professional (on an intermediate/team scale), and corporate (on a macro scale). All three levels of work ethics are intricately related to our business culture and environment that govern the decisions and actions within the organization. The written and unwritten codes of principles and values are a part of our professional ethics and fair business practice as defined by the moral principles of our leaders, employees, and most importantly the contract farmers that grow the raw material. It is applied to all the aspects of our business conduct on behalf of both individual employees and the entire company to always do what’s right. The clients and the farmers both are given the highest priority to work fairly and collaboratively to make a long term relationship for decades that gives mutual benefit and growth.

Company Branding and Constant Improvement

Since its inception in 2012, the Sky Agri Export has built its brand name in a very short span of time and today stands amongst the front runners in the food industry in the country. With tireless efforts and in a step by step manner, i.e., right from reaching out to the clients, value proposition and competitive pricing, flexibility and consistency, and rule of over-delivery than what's promised have made us stand out and increase the brand loyalty. The business relationship and trust once built are cherished from both sides i.e., from our contract farmers/supplier and with the client receiving the finished food products. We as a company still believe that there is much more scope for improvement in terms of supply chain management, advertisements and digital marketing, pre- and post-shipment services to clients, etc. The organization rigorously strive to achieve constant improvement in all of its operational aspects.

Innovation and Quality Management

The company has a dedicated team of Research & Development that works continuously and involved in innovation in various aspects of operations, viz., procurement of quality raw materials, processing of the food products, storage and packaging, and shipment of the finished products. There is always an effort to improve customer services by product innovation and process innovation to build a long-lasting relationship with clients as well as with the farmers. The quality of each product and service is highly valued for the company. Special care is given to address the concerns regarding good agricultural practices (GAP) during the growth of raw material and good operational/manufacturing practices (GMP) during the processing of a food product. The company always takes care of the customer’s requirements and guarantees that no compromise shall be made from the client-side in terms of product quality.

Relationship Management and Customer Reach

The company has been in the food industry for a decent period now. During this growth journey, the organization has successfully developed and maintained several strong relationships in terms of business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B). The relationship management of the organization aims to create a new partnership, strengthen the existing relations above than just business cooperation. Be it with the contract farmers, suppliers, and traders, and our international clients the relationship is long term and goes beyond mere levels of business. The client testimonials, feedback, and support gathered over the years by carrying out fair business deals and offerings have increased our brand loyalty. Also, the word of mouth advertisements by satisfied clients, their references, and international trading platforms (Amazon and Alibaba) has made us acquire and server more clients and increase our cliental base.

Customer Satisfaction and feedback

As an organization in the consumer-oriented food industry, customer satisfaction is our foremost motto. For the company, a deal is considered successful not by the amount of profit made but by knowing or determining how happy the client is with our products, and services. The main aim of our organization is to satisfy the customers at any cost. Hence, knowing what the customer wants and understand the voice of the customer is of paramount importance. In this regard, we also conduct surveys and ratings under different heads like product quality and services, pricing etc., that act as feedback for us. Further, these tools are used by the organization to gain detailed insights regarding customers/clients requirements, which subsequently help us to improve or change/innovate our products and services to meet or even exceed customer expectations. Over the years, the company has been receiving appreciation for our esteemed clients for our quality products.

Collaboration and Partnership

The Sky Agri Export firmly believes in the philosophy of mutual growth. Therefore, it does not lose any opportunity to developed/built a new collaboration and strengthen the existing collaboration and partnership. Right from the beginning, a strong trust, business collaborations, and partnerships are developed on multiple fronts. From the procurement side, viz., company to producers via contract farmers, company to traders, or other suppliers. For the delivery side, viz., company to logistics and shipment firm, company to international clients, company to end-users or consumers, and lastly the company to employees. All these collaboration and partnerships have given a robust growth structure to the company and increased our range of products. This bilateral partnership of the Sky Agri Export with different entities has given a chance to flourish economically and as an organization. Moreover, all the collaborative parties are quite happy and achieving their respective/individual goals.