Quality Control

QUALITY Control 

         Our main motto is to supply quality food products and ingredients to the customers. This goal is achieved via the selection of quality raw material, processing it with standard international practices to ensure a high level of food and safety standards. We promote and motivate our farmers to utilize the bioremediation measures (bio-fertilizer, bio-insecticide, and bio-pesticide) to provide chemically uncontaminated food to the society through continuous training programs. Our production line is installed and timely upgraded with high-tech technology to ensure high-quality products. Our consciousness towards modern trends and technology enables us to offer an extra level of quality assurance.

         With a focus on high-quality food products, we follow good agricultural practices (GAP) norms to comply with the international food regulatory standards. The Sky Agri Export grows the raw material based on the contract farming practice across different regions in India, following the GAP regulation from the plantation stage to the harvesting process. We scientifically inspect and monitor the raw materials’ growth at various stages, which is processed only after receiving the quality assurance from the concerned quality inspection team. Further, each of the manufacturing stages is closely monitored by our qualified vast experience team, and good manufacturing practices (GMP) are followed. Many parameters, viz., chemical, physical, organoleptic, and microbiological analyses, are of significant importance before, during, and after producing the final product. During the processing period, we stringently follow the industry’s best hygiene standards so that the food materials never get contaminated. Each batch is randomly sampled and tested in our in-house laboratory for multiple physical, chemical, and microbiological parameters. The company also ensures to maintain the strict international quality standards for our clients, which can also be verified on request by an internationally approved and certified third-party testing laboratory (Eurofins, SGS, and GeoChem). We strive to adhere to the international standard operation procedures defined by various agencies, and we are certified by the premier authorities/agencies such as FSSAI, KOSHER, HALAL, and FSSC.