dehydrated onion

The Onion (Allium cepa) is wildly cultivated vegetables of the Allium family. Since ancient times, onion was heavily used as an edible and medical remedy across the globe. Onion creates a large source of food and prevents thirst and a great source of energy. The unique flavor of the onion is the primary reason for its widespread and popularity. Further, it grows in mid dry weather and on most of the variety of soils, and hence, it is cultivated in almost all areas of the Indian subcontinent. India is one of the biggest producers and consumers of fresh onion.

The Sky Agri Export is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Dehydrated onion flakes and its product. The company takes the utmost care and follows international standard quality norms to prepare all its products right from the procurement of raw materials to the packing and delivery of the finished goods. All the products are packed in airtight so they are preserved for a longer time.

General/common Benefits of using Dehydrated Onion

 Due to lightweight, it is easy to store, pack, and transport.

 It occupies lesser volumetric space than an equivalent fresh onion (7-8 Kgs fresh onion = 1 Kgs dried onion).

 It is a ready to use product, i.e., no need to refrigerate, peel or chop the dehydrated onion flakes. Hence, avoid teary eyes while chopping.

Health/Medical benefits of Onion in day to day consumption

 Dried onion offers 40 Kilocalories of energy in every 100 g quantity.

 Certain compounds in onions works akin to insulin for controlling blood sugar and are useful for diabetes patients.

 Dehydrated pink onion flakes are good for digestion and check stomach infection to a certain extent.

 The presence of Sulfur in dehydrated onion prevents blood clotting, cholesterol, decrease triglycerides, and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

 Antioxidants defend our immune system and increase its functionality. Consuming onions check the oxidation of fatty acids, thus, lowering inflammation in the body.

Uses of Dehydrated Onion Flakes

 These onion variants are the perfect substitute for their fresh variant while in the kitchen. Add it to a bowl of simmering soup for that typical flavor.

 With dried onion flakes as seasonings in salads, gravies, pizzas, hamburgers, and blends, enhance taste in fast food.

 Suitable for both veg and non-veg dishes


         The usual onion flakes are packaged in 10, 12, and 14 kgs polybag within a double-layered paper bag or corrugated box according to client demand. The company also offers customized packaging on the prior request. Maintaining the freshness of all these products for a long time is the company’s prime goal. Hence, the finished products are packed in high-quality liner bags in various quantities as per the client’s requirement.

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