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fennel powder

ProductFennel Powder/Ground  
HS Code09096230
Packing20/25 Kg HDPE/PP Bag or Customized
Loading15 MT (20 FT), 26 MT (40FT)
AromaSweetish and Aromatic
Below 80, or 100 mesh
Shelf life1 Years in cool and Dry Place


        The scientific name of fennel seeds is Foeniculum vulgare. These are greenish brown color fruits of a small slender, aromatic, flowering herbs/plants belonging to the Parsley family. Since ancient times, humans have identified the benefits of using fennel in day to day foods for enhancing its taste as well as a perennial herb with several medicinal applications. The fennel seeds have a refreshing taste. Therefore they are highly preferred in the food industry as a flavoring agent to adds scented savor to the cooked meals. The powdered fennel is commonly preferred for liquid foods items, viz., different types of soups or appetizers, and baked/grilled starters and fast foods like fried chicken, vegetable cutlets, snacks, burgers, and pizza, to add a sweet flavor. There are numerous significant medical and health benefits of fennel. It helps to improve digestion and body immunity, gives a glowing skin, and purifies the blood. It has essential oils and fiber that are useful in detoxification and remove sludge. 

        The powdered fennel is commonly preferred for liquid foods items, viz., different types of soups or appetizers, as well as for baked/grilled starters and fast foods like fried chicken, vegetable cutlets, snacks, burgers, and pizza., to add a sweet flavor. The use of fennel powder is due to its ability to get mixed finely and presents better visuals to the cooked meal. The fennel powder is obtained by processing the fennel seeds. After sorting the best quality fennel seeds, it is passed via the metal detection procedure for checking the presence of any metallic impurities. Later on, fennel seeds are ground using a grinding machine to obtain the powdered fennel, which is then passed through the Vibro table of net size below 80 or 100 mesh to get the most refined form of fennel powder. This fennel powder is cross-checked for the existence of metallic contents by performing the metal detection process once again before finally sending for packaging.

        The Sky Agri Export can supply the best quality fennel powder in bulk amount, over a stipulated period and easy export process. The company is flexible to receive customized orders from the clients in terms of quality, i.e., Premium, Best, Medium-Best, Medium quality. The fennel powder is in overwhelming demand across all the European Countries, the Middle East, Canada, Russia, and North America.

Health/Medical benefits of Dried fennel Powder in day to day consumption

Several compounds, viz., Estragole, Anethole, and Fenchone that are available in fennel powder, helps in the treatment of various gut-related problems such as indigestion, acidity, constipation, intestinal motility, and bloating.

The essential minerals, viz., potassium, calcium, magnesium, and many dietary nitrates are present in fennel seeds and powder that regulates the blood pressure and prevents many heart problems.

The essential oils and fiber present in Saunf powder are useful in detoxification and remove sludge, cleanse the blood, and gives a clear glow to the skin.

The dried Fennel variants are a source of vitamin B-6 that helps to enhance energy metabolism by breaking down proteins and carbohydrates into glucose and amino acids.

The fennel seeds and powder provides relief in reducing menstrual pains, reduce the menstruation cycle length, controls period-related nausea because of high estrogen, and mitigate the menopause symptoms.

Vitamin C present in Saunf powder has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help to boost the immune system and fights against multiple infections and allergies.

The oil extracted from the fennel seeds are useful to provide relief in colds, coughs, and bronchitis issues. It can also be used as a massage oil to treat joint pains.

Fennel seed and powder consumption in daily meals are reported to have increased the secretion of breast milk in the case of nursing mothers.

Culinary uses of Fennel or Saunf variants

The fennel seeds and powder are widely used in the food industry as a flavoring agent that adds refreshing scented taste and savor to the food items.

Fennel powder is most suitable for grilled, streamed, or tandoor cooked food items.

Fennel powder is applied in both vegetable curries or non-veg gravy and fried meals for sweetish flavor.

The fennel powder is also applied for a sweet flavor in several starters like French fries, and appetizers or soups, and can be sprinkled over on most of the fast foods such as meat sausages, sandwiches, pizza, and hamburgers.

The fennel seeds are used for making low spicy or sweetish fried rice and bean dishes. It is also considered to cook vegetable pulao, and both veg and non-veg biryani.

The fennel powder is used in many refreshments and delicious drinks. The fennel is used to make jeera water, digestive orange juice, spicy lemonade, and tamarind water.

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