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black sesame seeds

ProductBlack Sesame Seeds  
HS Code12074010/12074090
99.0% (min) to 99.95% (Max)
Packing20/25/50 Kg HDPE/PP Bag or Customized
Loading18 MT (20 FT), 26 MT (40FT)
AromaCreamy and Nutty
3 mm to 4 mm
Shelf life1 Years in cool and Dry Place


        Sesame plants are scientifically named as Sesamum indicum belonging to the Pedaliaceae family. It is a flowering plant cultivated for its edible seeds and is one of humankind's oldest known oilseed crops. It represents the small slender, annual flowering plants, with an aromatic flavor. Since early times, the unique delicacy feature of black sesame seeds was recognized by human civilization and used as a perennial herb and add a unique creamy and nutty taste to the meals and a strong aromatic fragrance. The black sesame seeds are used for culinary and medical applications. It has the best quality of minerals, calcium, protein, and vitamin content. The seeds of black sesame include a nutty and creamy savor, and it is sprinkled on various vegetable curries or fries, noodles, and preparing sweet rice. These are also used in garnishing various starters or as a crispy coating in pie crusts, cookies, and other bakery products, and act as a substitute for nuts. The black sesame seeds have numerous medicinal traits. Therefore, they are applied for a therapeutic or healing reason. The Japanese name for the black sesame seed is Kura Goma. It is taken as raw or roasted form, or extracted oil is used to cure several diseases. More than 60% production of sesame seeds across a nation comes from the western states of India, viz., Gujarat, Rajasthan, and the eastern state of West Bengal. The Shelf life of sesame seeds ranges between 12 to 15 months.

        The Black sesame plants are soft, bush-like herbs with upright stem, large dark green leaves at opposite angles to the stem. The sesame crops get matured in about 110-130 days after sowing. Each plant contains 15-20 fruits, and each fruit holds around 70-100 seeds inside it. After the harvesting of the crop, black sesame seeds are extracted and processed using ultra-modern machinery. The black sesame seeds have a dimension of about 3 to 4 mm long by 2 mm wide and 1 mm thick. These seeds are flat and tiny, with shiny and egg-like oval shapes. The demand for black sesame seeds is relatively high, mostly because of its appetizing and powerful smell compared to natural white sesame seeds. The black sesame seeds are cleaned properly before supplying to the clients. While toasting black sesame seeds, it releases beneficial chemicals and heightens the aroma. Its extracted oil has a unique flavor rich in antioxidants and has a longer shelf life and resists sourness. 

        The Sky Agri Export can provide the best quality black sesame seed. The company is flexible to receive customized orders from the clients in terms of cleaning, and they are available from 95% to 99% purity level. Sky Agri Export can supply natural sesame seeds in bulk amount, over a stipulated period and simplified export mechanism. The Black sesame seeds are in high demand in Japan, Europe, the Middle East, Canada, Russia, North America, and South America.

Health/Medical benefits of Dried sesame seed variants in day to day consumption

The sesame seeds are low in carbs, high in quality protein, and healthy fats that control the blood sugar level. It also contains pinoresinol compounds, which inhibit the digestive enzyme maltase's action and maintain blood sugar.

The black sesame seeds have a high amount of magnesium that helps to lower the blood pressure. Moreover, lignans, vitamin E, and other antioxidants avoid building up plaque in arteries and maintain healthy blood pressure.

The anti-inflammatory traits and available antioxidants in black sesame seeds heal sores, redness, and other skin issues from within, slow down aging and give youthful glowing skin.

The black sesame seeds contain Sesamol that prevents damage to the DNA by radiation during chemotherapy, avoid damage to the intestines and the spleen.

Black sesame seeds contain zinc and calcium that enhance bone density and prevents osteoporosis.

Tyrosine present in sesame seeds stimulates serotonin activity, which impacts mood and boosts positive feelings.

Black sesame seeds are rich fibers, which improves digestion, facilitates waste disposal, and prevents constipation.

Sesame seeds are a great source of minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, which increases metabolic activities.

Culinary uses of sesame seed variants 

The unique, creamy, and nutty flavored black sesame seeds are used as a condiment in hotdogs, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, and mayonnaise around the world.

Black sesame seeds are used to prepare sweetish, creamy, and nutty fried rice and bean and vegetable curries.

Home kitchens and fast food joints apply the sesame seeds as popular condiments.

Sesame seeds are utilized in bakery products such as cake, bread, noodles, cookies, breadsticks, candies, and pasta.

They are applied to veg and non-veg gravies or fried items like cutlets to have an aromatic flavor.

The extracted oil is used as vegetable cooking oil, shortening, margarine, and pharmaceutics.

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