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ginger whole

ProductDried Ginger Whole
HS Code09101120/30
Bleached & Unbleached
Packing20/25/50 Kg Jute/HDPE/PP Bag or Customized
Loading12 MT (20 FT), 25 MT (40FT)
Pale Yellow
5 cm to 15 cm
Shelf life2 Years in 5°C - 12°C Storage at Dry Place


        Human civilization has been using ginger as a perennial herb with an important delicacy in day to day foods as well as for medical purposes since immemorable times. The botanical name of ginger is Zingiber officinale. Ginger is a rhizome of a flowering plant that grows up to 90 cm, having white and pink buds that bloom into yellow color flowers. Although it is often referred to as a root, however, ginger is actually an underground stem. The ginger rhizome is also pale yellow colored, having thick lobes that are slightly pungent and mildly aromatic smell. It is used for spicing both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, along with fast foods or snacks. Moreover, due to its preservative nature, it is also applied in pickles and preparing sauces and chutney. Because of its all-inclusive usage, it is used in combination with other spices, viz., garlic, onion, and chilies to enhance the savor of a meal. The southern states of India, viz., Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh along with the eastern states, viz., Odisha, West Bengal, and Assam as well as Madhya Pradesh, account for the most ginger production in the country.

        Different ginger varieties cultivated in India are IISR Varada, IISR Mahima, and IISR Rejatha. These are the high-quality ginger variants mainly grown in Kerala and supplied worldwide. The Cochin ginger is the best-known variety in the international market because of its slight lemon-like flavor and low fiber content. Other ginger varieties like Amaravathi and Bahrica have a high amount of Zingiberene and gingerol compounds. These ginger plants grow fully and are generally harvested between 6-7 months. There are mainly three variants of ginger that is provided by the Sky Agri Export. These are dried ginger whole, dried ginger sliced/chopped, and dry ginger powder.

        When the stalk withers of the ginger plant, i.e., flowers get dried up and fall from the plant, the rhizome is harvested from the ground, and the farmworkers remove the leaves and branches. Thereafter, the soiled ginger is cleaned by using freshwater, and the lumped or curled fingers are separated from each other. It is scalded in steam water inside a boiler to prevent sprouting. After cleaning, the dry ginger root is obtained by peeling off the outer layer/skin of the rhizome and drying it under the sun for a few days. Thereafter, it is processed through a metal detector for the presence of any metallic impurity. The grading process is done to remove odd-sized thin or thick fingers and broken lobes of dried ginger. Finally, the purest gingers are either sent for packaging or further processing to obtain the other two product variants.

        The Sky Agri Export can provide the best quality Ginger in dried forms. The company is flexible to receive customized orders from the clients in terms of quality, i.e., Premium, Best, Medium-Best, Medium quality. The Dried Ginger roots are in overwhelming demand in European Nations, Russia, the Middle East, Canada, and North America. It can be supplied at a bulk amount, over a given timeline and favorable export mechanism.

Health/Medical benefits of Dried ginger in day to day consumption

The ginger root contains a bioactive compound called gingerol that has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant traits.

The dry ginger whole acts as an excellent digestive tonic that enhances gastric motility and helps to alleviate constipation, vomiting, acidity problems.

Another important compound known as Shogaols presents in dried ginger reduces oxidative stress, improves the working of the brain, and protects against aging.

The gingerol available in ginger improves the digestive system and empties the stomach fast to avoid stomach-related issues.

Dry Ginger contains gingerol, and shogaol, which improves immunity functionalities and prevents common cold and flu infections.

Ginger contains six different Gingerol compounds that help to burn the low-density lipoprotein cholesterol that ultimately leads to weight loss.

Gingerol of Ginger regulates the blood triglyceride levels and prevents many cardiovascular diseases.

Culinary uses of dried ginger 

Dried ginger is the best substitute for fresh ginger in home kitchens and restaurants.

It is used to add spicy flavor in vegetable curries and non-vegetarian gravy and fried dishes.

Dry Ginger is applied in fast foods like meat sausages, burgers, pizza, sandwiches, and mixed stews.

Dry Ginger Powder is extensively used in garnishing appetizers/soups, salads, and half-boiled vegetable meals.

It is used as a preservative in pickles and various chutneys and making flavored tea.

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