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fried onion

ProductFresh Fried Onion/Dehydrated Fried Onion/Flour Fried Onion
HS Code20081940
VarietyWhite, Pinkish, Reddish 
Packing14/20 Kgs PP Bag/Cartoon Box or Customized
Loading12 MTS (20 FT), 24 MTS (40FT)
AromaSweet and Spicy 
SizeFlakes 8 to 15 mm, Chopped 3 to 5 mm
Shelf life2 Years in 5°C - 12°C Storage at Dry Place


        The Fried onion is widely used in vegetarian and non-vegetarian food preparation, produced by frying the chopped fresh onion in the cooking oil or butter. The fried onion reduces the cooking time, and there is no tearing/irritation of eyes while chopping due to the release of the syn-propanethial-S-oxide compound.

        The freshly fried onion is utilized in many restaurants to offer faster service. This product is mainly preferred in India and middle-east countries. Health-conscious western people prefer the fatless or low-fat products of onion. Hence, the Sky Agri Export offers the Fried onion manufactured from the dehydrated onion flakes. The fried dried onion flakes are prepared with minimum oil to offer low-fat products. The fried dried onion flakes or fried onion flakes also started gaining the Indian restaurant market due to its pungent flavor and yellowish color compared to dark yellow or brown fried onion. The fried dehydrated onion flakes are also used in preparing curries, fried rice, and many other dishes. Many customers prefer the unique size of fried onion, and hence, Sky Agri export also manufactures the fried onion from dehydrated onion chopped, which is commonly known as Fried onion Chopped or fried chopped onion. Many European customers would prefer fried onion with flour, and therefore, we also offer flour fried onion flakes or flour fried onion chopped. These products are utilized in various food preparations by following the traditionalism of the respective nations. 

Health/Medical benefits of Fried Onion in day to day consumption

As a member of the Allium genus of flowering plants, the onions have many ayurvedic medicinal and health benefits for the central nervous system.

Certain compounds in onions work akin to insulin for controlling blood sugar and are useful for diabetes patients.

The presence of Natural Sulfur in Fried onion prevents blood clotting, cholesterol, decrease triglycerides, and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

The Chopped Fried onion contains chromium elements that help in regulating blood sugar levels and benefit diabetic peoples.

Fried onion flakes have antibacterial properties and improve the digestive health of the gut.

The Flour Fiend onion is a good source of Folate (B9) that is quite essential for proper cell growth and increasing metabolism, which are most beneficial for pregnant women.

Uses of Fried onion 

The Fried onion flakes can be applied in a variety of pasta and stews.

The Fried chopped onions are best applied for many fried and dry types of fast food items like burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, and pizza.

Both vegetable curries or non-veg gravy and non-gravy dishes can use the Fired onion flakes for enhancing the savor of any cuisine.

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