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ProductMundu Chili/Ramnad S9 Red Chili
HS Code09042219
With Stem, Stemless 
Packing10/20/25 Kgs Jute/HDPE/PP Bag or Customized
Loading07 MTS (20 FT), 14 MTS (40FT)
AromaLess Spicy 
15000-30000 SHU (0.09-0.19%)
30 - 40 ASTA (Light Red)
Size2 – 4 cm Long
Shelf life1 Year in 5°C - 12°C Storage at Dry Place


        The chilies have always been a part of everyday meals or snacks since its early introduction by the ancient civilizations. Its medicinal, self-healing characteristics, high and low pungent varieties, aromatic flavor, and spiced up taste make it the most valued spice across the world. The food lovers, chefs, and kitchen mates of any cuisine have heavily trusted chilies to quickly enhance the savor of any dish that can be relished for a long time. India is among the top red chili producing, consuming, and exporting countries. The most preferred dried red chili variants are Teja S17, Sannam S4/S10, under high pungent traits. The Byadgi, Wrinkle 273, and Mundu chili come under the category of low to medium hotness. The southern state of India, i.e., Tamil Nadu, has the highest productivity of well-growth mundu chili varieties.

        The Mundu chili has a unique round-shaped dimension with a short length. It has a length of 2 to 4 cms and a breadth of 1 to 2 cms. It has a dark reddish shiny and thick skin. As it is mostly grown in the Ramnad district of Tamil Nadu, and hence, it is also known as Ramnad S9 red mundu chili or Gundu molzuka. It has a special place and is popularly used in various dishes of south Indian cuisine due to its unique flavor. The Mundu chilies have a very less percentage of capsaicin compound that gives a low to medium scale pungency level within 15,000 to 30,000 SHU. Its color value lies in between 30 to 40 ASTA. The Ramnad red mundu S9 chili gives a nice flavor and aromatic fragrance to the cooked foods. The fresh chilies are plucked from plants by farm labors, and it is dried under the sunlight for a few days. Then, by manual grading process, the damaged/broken and out color (yellow or white) chilies and their leaves are removed. Only the purest chilies are sent for weighing and final packaging. The whole dried Mundu or Ramnad S9 red chili is exported worldwide in the form of with stem or without stem. Additionally, the powdered variant is also demand by many countries for some specific application. 

        The Sky Agri Export is India’s one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of dried Mundu chili. The company is in a position to supply Ramnad Chili as the client’s requirement. Furthermore, the Sky Agri Export is flexible for customized requirements in terms of quality and different variants i.e., with the stem, and without a stem. The Ramnad red mundu S9 chilies are in high demand in China, Vietnam, Thailand, the Middle East, North America, European Counties, and Russia. It can be supplied at bulk quantity within a specified timeline through a smooth export mechanism. The high product quality is our foremost concern, and utmost care is followed to process all our spices right from the raw material procurement to the packing and delivery of the finished goods.

Health/Medical benefits of red mundu or Ramnad S9 chilies in day to day consumption

The mundu chilies can be used to facilitate carminative action in the gastrointestinal tract to either prevent the gas formation or its proper expulsion to avoid flatulence.

The dry mundu peppers support to maintain proper cholesterol levels, assists in weight loss, and hence, reduces the risk of any heart-related disease.

The dried red S9 chilies help the central nervous system, stimulate the blood flow, and used as Ayurvedic medicine to enhance digestion and to ease a sore throat.

The Ramnad S9 chilies contain several oxidants that act as an anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant for the stomach and helps in treating stomach ulcers.

The dried red mundu Chili also protects the blood fats from free radicals. Also, it reduces blood triglyceride and cholesterol levels, aggregation of blood platelet, and increases fibrinolytic activity.

The presence of Vitamin C in Ramnad chilies improves the lungs’ health and smoothens the functioning of the respiratory system. The anti-oxidants act as natural scavengers and slow down the aging.

The mundu chilies help to create and maintains collagen that essential protein is required for healthy hair and skin, and has an added effect on one’s beauty regime.

The powdered mundu chilis or peppers controls the digestive system and enhances metabolism. Moreover, its antibacterial properties help a person to avoid viral flu.

Culinary uses of Mundu or Ramnad S9 chilies

The Red mundu Chilies are used as a condiment for spicing up and taste enhancement of the cooked food in several cuisines, viz., Indian, Italian, Chinese, Mexican.

The dry Ramnad S9 chilies are popularly used in preparing a variety of soups, sauces, sambar or veg stew, and appetizers. Also, it acts as an ingredient in different chutneys.

The crushed or powdered mundu chili flakes can be applied to fast foods like sandwiches, pizzas, and burgers to get a heated spicy and aromatic savor.

The Mundu or Ramnad chili can be used as the main ingredient for obtaining a hot flavor to the curry or gravy dishes of both veg and non-veg types.

Ramnad S9 chili powder can be sprinkled over baked, grilled, roasted, and tandoor cooked meat to get a heightened mouth-watering flavor immediately.

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