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coriander seeds

ProductCoriander Seeds  
HS Code09092110
Eagle, Parrot and Scooter
98.00% (Min) to 99.50% (Max)
Packing20/25/50 Kg HDPE/PP Bag or Customized
Loading8 MT (20 FT), 17 MT (40FT)
AromaLemony and Slight pungent/aromatic
Green and Yellowish-Brown
3 mm to 5 mm
Shelf life1 Years in cool and Dry Place


        Coriander plant is also known by the botanical name Coriandrum sativum L. is an annual herb that has tender green leaves and round, tan-colored seeds or fruits. It belongs to the parsley or umbellifers family and famously known as cilantro or dhania. Human civilization has been using coriander as a perennial herb that adds pleasant lemony aromatic taste, and fragrant floral smell in day to day meals. Although coriander can be applied to describe the whole plant: a leaf, stems, fruits/seeds together, but most people refer to its seeds only while speaking of coriander. It can be used for spicing both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, fast foods or snacks, and also for garnishing salads. Furthermore, because of its preservative traits, it is suitable for pickles and making various chutney and soups. The all-inclusive properties of coriander powder make it an essential ingredient in preparing curry powder and garam masala combined with cumin and other spices to enhance the savory of a meal. The southern states of India, viz., Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and the western and central states, viz., Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh are the highest coriander producing states of the country.

        There are two well-known coriander seeds varieties, viz., parrot and eagle coriander, depending upon their respective seed colors, i.e., green and yellowish-brown. The size of the Parrot coriander seed is relatively smaller than the Eagle coriander seed. The coriander plants are soft, hairless herbs grown up to 50 cm tall. Although the whole plant is edible, however, its fresh leaves and dried seeds are mostly considered for cooking purposes across most of the cuisines around the world. There are mainly three variants of coriander that is supplied by the Sky Agri Export. These are dried coriander leaves, coriander seeds, and coriander ground/powder.

        The coriander plants that are sowed for its seeds get fully matured, and its dried flowers fall, and seeds start ripping in 3–4 months. The farmworkers harvest the coriander plants by pulling them off the ground using a harvesting machine. The harvested plants are then stacked up on a clean floor and kept under the sun for a week to get dried up. The coriander seeds are separated by shaking the dried plant with hands. The obtained coriander still has some dry leaves, small branches, grass, and plant dust or its broken parts. Hence, hollering the coriander seeds using a huller/husker machine removes the leaves/dust and other wastes. The segregated coriander seeds are processed through the sorting process to obtain the various qualities of coriander seeds based on the purity level. Thereafter, a metal detection procedure is followed for checking the presence of any metal impurities. In the end, the purest coriander seeds are then sent for final packaging or for extracting the coriander powder.

        The Sky Agri Export supplies the best quality coriander variants in dried forms. The company is flexible to receive customized orders from the clients in terms of quality, i.e., Premium, Best, Medium-Best, Medium quality, and different variants, i.e., Parrot, Scooter and Eagle varieties of corianders. The Dried coriander seeds are in overwhelming demand in European Nations, Russia, the Middle East, Canada, and North and South America. Sky Agri Export can supply coriander seeds in a bulk amount over a given timeline and smooth export process.

Health/Medical benefits of dried coriander Seeds in day to day consumption

Coriander seeds contain a high concentration of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, along with the antioxidant of carotenoid class that improve eyesight and effectively helps to heal conjunctivitis and other age-related degenerative vision disorders.

Coriander seeds are a great source of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus that improves bone density and gives relief in arthritis and osteoporosis.

Having coriander seeds also heightens the secretion of gastric mucosal that protects the stomach acidity and hence, improves gut health.

The coriander seeds help to boost up the overall health and stamina levels. It enhances body immunity and treats mild respiratory disorders.

Dhaniya has Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal traits, effective in viral flu, cold, and other infections.

Coriander seeds contain proteins and minerals, which regulate one's appetite, assists in weight loss.

Culinary uses of dried coriander Seeds 

Home kitchens, restaurants, and food joints use coriander seeds as a popular condiment.

It is used in making fast foods like burgers, pizza, sandwiches, veg fries, and mixed stews.

Coriander seeds are applied to veg and non-veg curries or fried items like cutlets to have an aromatic flavor.

Extensively used in garnishing appetizers/soups, making salads, and boiled veg dishes.

Considered is used for making curry powders, spice ingredients for noodles, steamed momos.

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