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turmeric powder

ProductDried Turmeric Powder
HS Code09103030
Salem, Erode, Rajapore, Nizamabad, Alleppey, and Pocha Finger
Packing25/50 Kgs Jute/HDPE/PP Bag or Customized
Loading18 MTS (20 FT), 28 MTS (40FT)
AromaSlight Bitter and Slight pungent
Bright Yellow to Deep Orange

Salem (3.0% - 3.5%), Erode (2.5% 3.0%), Nizamabad (2%-2.25%)

Allepey (Above 5%), Mother or Pocha Finger (Above 6.0%)

Shelf life1 Year in 5°C - 12°C Storage at Dry Place


        The turmeric is scientifically known as Curcuma longa having a light pungent and aromatic flavor of spiciness. Since ancient ages, turmeric has been playing a very significant role in human lives. Because of multiple benefits, it has been inculcated in almost every aspect of life, from foods, medicines, cosmetics, preservatives, to dyeing and coloring of clothes. The light pungency and spiciness with deep yellow color make it an essential ingredient in our day to day meals for not just enhancing the flavor or aroma but also inherently improves many health-related issues. India is one of the leading producers and consumers of turmeric powder or Rhizomes. The south Indian states, viz., Maharastra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Telangana, produce the best quality turmeric that is highly demanded worldwide. 

        Different turmeric varieties are mainly named according to their growing place. This turmeric can also be distinguished by the percentage (%) of curcumin levels available in them. With increasing % of curcumin content, the health benefits also increase. Hence, more curcumin containing turmeric is better suited for medicinal applications. Some of the most important turmeric variants grown in India are the Salem turmeric finger (Tamil Nadu) having 3 to 3.5% of curcumins, Erode turmeric finger (Tamil Nadu) with 2.5 to 3.0 %, Rajapuri, and Sangli Salem turmeric fingers (Maharashtra) – both have curcumin levels around 2.5 to 3.5%, Nizamabad turmeric bulbs (Andhra Pradesh) with 2 – 2.25 % of curcumin and Alleppey turmeric Finger (Kerala) has highest curcumin content of 5 – 6%. Many pharmaceutical companies mostly demand Alleppey turmeric for doing research activities and developing medicines for allopathy and ayurvedic treatments. Simultaneously, the rest of the turmeric varieties are used in everyday cooking that enhances the taste of foods/meals and also provides multiple health advantages.

        Initially, the farm laborers harvest/plucked off the turmeric plant from the ground and remove its branches or leaves. Then, a jet of fresh water is applied to the soiled turmeric to clean it and separate the lumped or curled fingers from each other. A steam boiler is used to boil the turmeric bulbs to remove the upper skin layer. The cleaned turmeric fingers are left under the sun for 15 days to get dried adequately and sent for polishing in drums. Thereafter, it is passed through the metal detection process to detect the presence of metallic impurities. Lastly, the turmeric finger and bulbs are sent to the grinding machine for getting the turmeric powder, and once again, it is processed via the metal detector and then packed for delivery.

        The company can supply the best quality turmeric powder in dried form. The Sky Agri Export (SAE) can provide the turmeric powder of different curcumin content from 1.0 % curcumin to 5.0% plus curcumin based on the client requirement. The company is flexible for receiving customized orders in terms of quality, i.e., Premium, Best, Medium-Best, Medium quality. The turmeric powders are in high demand in Russia, the Middle East, Canada, European Nations, and America. SAE can offer turmeric powder in bulk quantity within a reasonable time duration and smooth export process.

Health/Medical benefits of turmeric powder in day to day consumption

The turmeric powder is useful in killing intestinal worms and disposing of them. It is also the most important remedy for treating mental disorders, jaundice, and venereal diseases.

High Curcumin level present in Alleppey turmeric enhances the level of brain hormone brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) that boosts the growth of new neurons and prevents several degenerative processes inside the brain.

The anti-oxidants present in Curcuma powder reduce oxidative degeneration and protects one’s body from free radicals that damage the healthy cells.

In Ayurvedic medicines, curcumin powder works as the anti-bacterial agent and is applied for many ailments such as burns, wounds, cuts, acne, pimples, etc.

The high Curcumin content in Salem turmeric powder improves digestion, lower body cholesterol, purifies the blood, and prevents heart disease.

Regular usage of Salem powder provides relief from menstrual pain and reduces the effect of fatigue, pelvic pain, nausea, and crumps.

In natural therapies, turmeric paste is applied to different skin-related issues, from smallpox and chickenpox to blemishes and shingles.

The Erode turmeric powder protects the healthy cells from cancerous agents and assists the body to destroy the mutated cancer cells before spreading into more areas.

Culinary and non-culinary uses of turmeric powder 

Throughout the world, turmeric is applied to almost all the non-veg foods like meats or fish to marinate before deep frying or preparing curries.

The turmeric powder is used to enhance the flavor of grilled/roasted foods like tandoori chicken or kinds of seafood by mixing with other spices like chili and garlic.

The turmeric finger powder can be applied to vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals and fast foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, etc., for getting low pungency, dark yellow color, and slight aromatic savor.

Due to natural preservative properties, the turmeric powder or paste is used in pickles or preparing chutney or sauces to imparts heightened taste.

The turmeric fingers or paste are used to extract its oil that is famous for creating different types of fragrance in the perfume industry and manufacturing life-saving drugs.

The many cosmetics and beauty products use dried turmeric powder for better skincare. Also, bathing just after applying turmeric paste helps the skin to glow.

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