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chilli powder

ProductDried Red Chili Powder
HS Code09042211 
Packing10/20/25 Kgs HDPE/PP Bag or Customized
Loading14 MTS (20 FT), 25 MTS (40FT)
AromaLow to high Spicy 
1000 – 80000 SHU (0.006-0.50%)
20 – 120 ASTA (Bright to Deep Red)
SizeBelow 100 or 120 mesh  
Shelf life1 Year in 5°C - 12°C Storage at Dry Place


        The chilies have been an integrated part of our everyday life as the main spice ingredient in the consumed food and meals. Its different benefits are medicinal and health, multiple variants with low and high pungent levels, aromatic savors, and heightened spicy taste. All these traits oblige it to be an essential seasoning/spice in the world. Its usage in many cuisines, viz., Italian, Chinese, Mexican, and Indian, is cherished by all the kitchen mates, master chefs, foodies to improve the taste of any meal promptly. India is one of the highest producers, consumers, and suppliers of red chili. The most popular and demanded chili variants are Sannam S4/S10, Teja S17, Byadgi, and Kashmiri. The major production of different varieties of chilies comes from the southern Indian states, i.e., Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka, having high-quality varieties of all these chilies. Other famous types of powder grade chilies that are utilized in the production are Wonder Hot, Tomato, Resham Patti, 273 Wrinkle, bholar, and Endo/Indem 5.

        The full-length peppers or the chili flakes are not suitable for cooking some of the foods. Neither do they get not mixed properly nor give the best look. Therefore, finely powdered chili variants are of vide pungency and color levels and can be produced from the different varieties of chilies as per the client requirement. However, the chili powder prepared from Sannam, Teja, and Kashmiri chili variants is highly in demand all over the world. A collection of chili flakes and chili powders fulfills the spice/seasoning requirements of a kitchen and is a suitable replacement for the dried chilies. These pepper powders can be sprinkled over salads, soups, roasted/baked foods, or whisked during omelet preparation for increased heat and aromatic flavor. The farm labors pluck the freshly grown-up chilies off the plants and are dry them under the sun for some days. Then, the ripen white or yellow-colored chilies, damaged or broken chili pieces, leaves are removed before being processed via a metal detector to remove any unwanted waste materials. In the later step, the dried red chilies are passed through a grinding machine and transferred via the Vibro table having the net size of 100 to 120 mesh to get powdered peppers. Metal detection is once again performed on the obtained chili powders and then sent for weighing and final packaging.

        The Sky Agri Export is among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of chili powders. The dry red pepper powders are prepared from different varieties of chili, viz., Teja, Sannam, Byadgi, Wrinkle, and Kashmiri. Out of all these variants, the Teja S17, Sannam S4/S10, and Kashmiri chili powders are in huge demand around the world. Furthermore, these chili powders can be availed in two different ways: 1) Based on the Pungency level, 2) Color value or ASTA Level. Depending on the clients' need for a specific range of pungency and ASTA levels, the chili powder can be either produced from a single chili variant or as a mixture of two or more chili variants.  For example, hot chili powder is prepared from Teja chili, has a pungency level above 55000 SHU and an ASTA level of 40 – 60. For hot chili powder with high ASTA (100-120), the Teja Chili ground is mixed with a chili having a high ASTA level. By this procedure, the pungency of the power will reduce slightly with increased ASTA level. The Sky Agri Export is in a position to supply wide variants of chili powder with a specific level of ASTA and pungency as the client's requirement. Our primary concern is to deliver high-quality products, and the utmost care is taken while process all the spices right from the beginning, i.e., receiving the raw materials to the final packing and delivery of the end products.

Health/Medical benefits of chili powder in day to day consumption

Dihydrocapsaicin compound present in pepper powder helps to reduce the accumulation of reactive oxygen and protects the healthy cells from the damage, and prevent lung cancer and colon cancer.

Because of the presence of Capsaicin compounds, lightly hot chili powder is used in the preparation of ointments, which are applied in arthritic pain and sore muscles.

The hot red chili powders contain antioxidants, pigments of carotenoid, and vitamin C. These help to regulate insulin, maintain a decent blood sugar level, and prevent diabetes.

The dry chili peppers have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial attributes. It helps to kill many food pathogens, enhances the digestive system, and avoids inflammatory bowel diseases.

The hot chili powder functions as detoxifiers, which remove waste materials from our bodies and improve the working of the central nervous system.

Kashmiri chili powder provides a good amount of copper and iron minerals. These assist in the formation of new blood cells and also help in treating anemia and fatigue symptoms.

The hot red pepper powders are rich in Vitamin K that reduces the risk of osteoporosis and prevents profuse bleeding due to any deep cut out or other injuries.

Culinary uses of dried Red chili powder

The red Teja chilies powder is applied in various starters and appetizers, like hot and sour soups, chili sauces, french fries, and potato/banana chips.

The hot chilies powder is sprinkled over the specialty fast foods, viz., pizzas, cutlets, roasted/grilled snacks, for obtaining a delicious taste.

The dried pepper powder is popularly used in vegetable and fruit salads, boiled or half-boiled, steamed fast foods like noodles and momos, and also for preparing various kind chutneys.

The crushed Sannam chili powder can be added to both veg and non-veg fried foods like panner or chicken or whisked with eggs to make an omelet and get a heated spicy savor.

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