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chilli flakes

ProductDried Red Chili Flakes
HS Code09042219
Teja (S17), Sannam (S4/S10), Byadgi, Kashmiri, etc.
Packing10/20/25 Kgs HDPE/PP Bag or Customized
Loading12 MTS (20 FT), 24 MTS (40FT)
AromaHigh, Medium or Low Spicy 
1000 – 80000 SHU (0.006-0.500%)
40 – 140 ASTA (Bright to Deep Red)
5.00 % - 30.00 %
Size3 x 6 mm or 1 x 3 mm 
Shelf life1 Years in 5°C - 12°C Storage at Dry Place


        The chilies have always been a part of our day to day food since its early inception by the ancient civilizations. It's medicinal, self-healing, both high and low pungent varieties, aromatic flavor, and spiced up taste makes it the most valued spice across the world. The food lovers, chefs, and kitchen mates have heavily relied on chilies to quickly increase the savor of a dish that can be relished for a long time. India is among the top red chili producing, consuming, and exporting countries. The most preferred dried red chili variants are Teja S17, Sannam S4/S10, Byadgi, Kashmiri, and Wrinkle. The southern states of India, i.e., Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka, have been known for the highest productivity of well-growth chili varieties.

        In some food preparation, viz., curries, or gravy and fast food, the full-length dried chilies are not suitable to be used directly and need to be ground or broken into smaller pieces. This process is tedious and increases the cooking time. Therefore, all the chilies variants are also supplied in flakes as well as powdered forms. A combination of all these different sized chilly variants makes a super seasoning at all the kitchens. One can sprinkle them over any meal for a nice heightened heat and flavor. The flakes chili variants are suitable to have in the kitchen and act as an equal substitute of the dried chilies for some of the demand specific dishes, like liquid soups/sauces or baked/grilled foods. The fresh chilies are plucked from plants by farm labors and dried under the sunlight for a few days. Thereafter, the broken/damaged or ripen yellow/white chilies, leaves are separated, and the dried red chilies are passed through the metal detector to separate unwanted impurities. In the next step, these are processed via a cutting machine to obtain finer chili flakes, which is then passed through the Vibro machine with net dimensions of 3 to 6 mm or 1 to 3 mm to get the proper size. These finer chili flakes are once again tested using a metal detector before sending for weighing and final packaging.

        The Sky Agri Export is India's one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of dried chili flakes. The dry red Chili flakes are mainly produced from the Sannam S4/S10/334 variant, and it is highly utilized in the entire world. Further, the chili flakes are also prepared form Teja, Byadgi, Wrinkle, and Kashmiri types of chilies. Among these, Teja S17 chili flakes are also demanded worldwide for a pungent, spicy flavor. The seed content in our chili flakes products ranges from 5% to 30% and can be adjusted as per the client requirements. Further, the Dried Red Chili Seeds can also be made available as per the demand of our client. The Sky Agri Export is in a position to supply all the above variants of Chili Seeds as the client's requirement. The high product quality is our foremost concern, and utmost care is followed to process all our spices right from the raw material procurement to the packing and delivery of the finished goods.

Health/Medical benefits of chili flakes in day to day consumption

Heat exhausted due to the capsaicin compound present in Teja and Sannam pepper flakes assists in clearing mucous from the nasal passage and also helps to fight sinuses.

The pepper flakes contain riboflavin and niacin compounds. These support maintaining proper cholesterol levels and hence, reduce the chances of heart disease.

The Dry Red chili flakes contain several oxidants, including Capsaicinoids that act as an anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant for the stomach and helps to treat stomach ulcers.

The Chili pepper flakes also protect blood fats from free radicals. Also, it reduces blood triglyceride and cholesterol levels, aggregation of blood platelet, and increases fibrinolytic activity.

Vitamin C present in Teja and Sannam flakes improves the lung's health and smoothen the respiratory system. The anti-oxidants act as natural scavengers and slow down the aging.

The Sannam and Teja flakes help to create and maintains collagen, that essential protein found in healthy hair and skin, and has an added effect on one's beauty routine.

The Chili or pepper flakes controls the digestive system and enhances metabolism. Moreover, its antibacterial properties help a person to avoid viral flu.

Culinary uses of dried Red chili flakes

The Red Chili flakes can be used as a condiment for spicing up and taste enhancement of the cooked food in several cuisines, viz., Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Mexican.

The dry chili flakes are popularly used in preparing a variety of soups, sauces, and appetizers. Also, it acts as a key ingredient in different chutneys.

The crushed dried chili flakes can be added to fast foods like sandwiches and burgers to get a heated spicy and aromatic savor.

These chili flakes can be used as the main ingredient for obtaining a hot flavor to the curries or gravies of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories.

The baked, grilled, roasted, and tandoor cooked meat can be sprinkled over by the pepper flakes to get a heightened mouth-watering flavor immediately.

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