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tomato chili

ProductTomato Chilli
HS Code09042219
With Stem, Stemless
Packing10/20/25 Kgs Jute/HDPE/PP Bag or Customized
Loading07 MTS (20 FT), 14 MTS (40FT)
AromaLess Spicy  
20000-35000 SHU (0.12-0.22%)
100-140 ASTA (Deep/Dark Red)
Size6 – 9 cm Long
Shelf life1 Years in 5°C - 12°C Storage at Dry Place


        The food lovers and the kitchen mates understand the inevitable use of chilies in spicing up mundane food items. The chilies or peppers are applied in preparing both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, enhancing the taste of fast foods or snacks, making of sauces and chutney, and preservatives in pickles. Because of its all-inclusive usages, the chili is fondly known as the “spice queen”. There are several varieties of chili peppers available depending upon the hotness like the Teja S17 and Sanam S4/S10 are categorized in the high pungency group, 273 Wrinkle in a medium type, Byadgi, Kashmiri, and Tomato chilies come under the group of low pungent chilies. Among these, the Tomato peppers have a special place in our hearts, which is due to high nutrient composition, a fleshy vegetable like features, light pungency, and mild aroma.

        Tomato Chilies are similar to the well-known Kashmiri Chili variants. It is natively known as the Warangal Chappatta or Resham Patti, which is one of the most popular and highly demanded peppers around the world. India is one of the largest producers and exporter of the Tomato red peppers. The physical traits of Tomato dried chilly are that these are of the long size as well as the wide breadth and bright red color. The pungency level present in this chili is low and lies between 20,000 SHU – 35,000 SHU.

        The average length of the fully grown Tomato Red Chili lies in between 6-9 cms (without the stem) with a breadth of 3-5 cms, and a dark deep red color value of 100–140 ASTA with a very low heat with the Scoville scale being zero. The freshly plucked chilies are clean manually by the farm laborers. Further, a natural sun-drying process is carried out to dry the chili Pepper. Later on, the grading activity is performed so that the ripen yellow/white chilies, leaves, odd-sized or small chilies, damaged/broken chilies, etc., are separated. In Stemless Tomato chili, the stem is taken off manually by hands. Based on the presence of stem, this variant is identified as Tomato chili with stem or Tomato chili without stem. Further, the powder form of chili pepper can be produced by grinding the dried chili. Different variants of papper significantly improve the aromatic flavor, with a reddish tinge on the prepared dishes.

        The Sky Agri Export can provide the best quality Tomato red chilies in dried forms. The company is flexible to receive customized orders from the clients in terms of quality, i.e., Premium, Best, Medium-Best, Medium quality, and different variants i.e., with the stem, and without a stem. The Tomato red peppers are in overwhelming demand in European Nations, Russia, the Middle East, and North America. It can be supplied at a bulk amount, over a given timeline and favorable export procedure.

Health/Medical benefits of Tomato red chilies in day to day consumption

The vitamin A in Tomato chili helps to develop strong body immunity. Also, it keeps the eyesight healthy and prevents night blindness and vision-related issues.

The Tomato red peppers contain antioxidants that assist to control the levels of body cholesterol, improve digestion, and help to burn more calories.

The Dry Red Tomato chili acts as detoxifiers of the respiratory system, and anti-irritant for stomach by removing waste and impurities.

The Tomato Capsicum/pepper can be used as an herb to facilitate carminative action in the gastrointestinal tract to either prevent the gas formation or its proper expulsion so that flatulence is avoided.

The Tomato pepper powder can be combined with powdered coriander seeds or leaves along with ginger to provide relief in case of nausea and abdominal pain.

The high nutrient content in fleshy Tomato chilies supplies various essential vitamins and minerals requirements that are equivalent to most of the green leafy vegetables.

The Tomato chilies help the central nervous system, stimulate the blood flow, and used as Ayurvedic medicine to enhance digestion and to ease a sore throat.

The antibacterial and antifungal traits of Tomato chilies reduce the effects of nasal congestion or allergies, and other skin irritational symptoms and can fight sinusitis.

Culinary and non-culinary uses of Tomato red chilies

The fleshy Tomato Red Chilli can be directly fried by combining with gram flour and water, to prepare crispy snacks, or applied on sandwiches, burgers, and pizzas.

The slight aromatic flavor with dark reddish color makes the Dry Tomato chilly to be extensively used for less spicy vegetable curries, half-boiled sweetish dishes, and salad garnishing purposes.

The dried powdered Tomato Chilli variants are applied to the low spicy fried rice, vegetable pulao as well as in fast foods like noodles and steamed momos.

The Tomato Chilli powder can be applied to the grilled or roasted vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items to act as low pungent and aromatic masala.

The extracted color of Tomato peppers are hugely popular among the food and beverage processing industries, are considered as a natural plant color, and are used as a colorant in many products.

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