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dehydrated garlic minced

ProductDehydrated Garlic Minced
HS Code07129030
Packing20/25 Kgs PP Bag/Cartoon Box or Customized
Loading14 MTS (20 FT), 25 MTS (40FT)
AromaStrong Spicy  
SizeMinced 8 x 16 mesh or 1 x 3 mm
Shelf life2 Years in 5°C - 12°C Storage at Dry Place


      The dehydrated garlic minced is processed from the dry garlic flakes, which are primarily manufactured from the fresh garlic to persevere the spicy garlic flavor for a longer duration. Since ancient age, many civilizations have taken this underground growing fresh garlic as a wonderful herbal plant and included in day to day foods due to its distinct spicy flavor and medicinal benefits in humans with numerous health-promoting phytonutrient substances. The garlic minced is widely added as an ingredient in various vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes across different cuisines to add the nutty flavor of garlic.

      The dehydrated garlic minced is produced from the dry garlic flakes. In this procedure, firstly, the plant roots and outer skins from the dehydrated garlic flakes are removed by the sorting process. This process helps to enhance the quality of the final product. Thereafter, it is processed further through a cutting/slicing machine to segregate the flakes into smaller pieces. Lastly, it is passed through the Vibro forming table, having a dimension of 1 to 3 mm size. These fine 1 to 3 mm dried garlic particles are also known as the Dehydrated Garlic Minced. The garlic minced produced by the Sky Agri Export is highly demanded by the European countries, Russia, and America. This Garlic Minced is an equal substitute for our main product, dehydrated garlic flakes, in terms of different cooking requirements. In fast foods and soup beverages, minced garlic is added in a trace amount to improve the flavor.   

General/common benefits of using dehydrated garlic minced

Because of its dryness and lightweight attributes, the garlic minced is easy to handle and can be stored, packed, and transported without any difficulties.

Due to its readiness, the garlic minced can directly be used while cooking.

Its freshness persists for at least 24 months from the packaging date. Hence, it has a longer usability period until the expiry date and requires no additional conservatives.

While cooking, no time is wasted by applying dehydrated garlic minced as no need to fry for a long duration to get brownish, like the fresh garlic. And saves cooking fuel too.

Health/Medical benefits of garlic in day to day consumption

Diallyl sulfide in dehydrated garlic is a powerful antibiotic, and hydrogen sulfide gas has been suggested to reduce risk and protect the heart from any damage.

The antioxidant and antibacterial property of the dried minced garlic kills acne-causing bacteria, cleans up our skin, and gives a radiantly glow.

The allicin compound in dehydrated garlic minced protects the bronchitis tube, which carries air to and from the lungs, from any bacterial infection, and purifies the lungs.

The ajoene, which is an organic sulfur compound present in dehydrated garlic, helps to prevent tuberculosis.

Garlic Minced coordinates and enhances the effect of eicosapentaenoic acid, a breast cancer suppressor, and deteriorates the effect of linoleic acid, a breast cancer enhancer.

The diallyl sulfide or S-allyl cysteine as the bioactive sulfur compound present in dried garlic helps in hypertension and protects against cardiovascular diseases.

The dehydrated garlic contains Alliin amino acid and alliinase enzymes, which together form allicin that helps to prevent any heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Uses of dehydrated minced garlic

The minced garlic variety can be the best replacement of fresh garlic for enhancing the taste of a variety of hot and sour soups, chicken soup, and veg soup.

The dehydrated minced garlic is mainly implemented to make spicy vegetable salads, sausages, hamburgers, and hot dogs.

Dried minced garlic is equally suitable for both vegetable curries, chili paneer, and grilled or steamed non-vegetarian food items.

Garlic minced is mostly used to heighten the spicy and nutty flavor of many dry fast foods on the kitchen’s menu like pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches.

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